Who We Are

At Carolina Furniture Technicians, we take the title of “furniture care technicians” very seriously. We have a strong history behind us and a clear look at what is to come.

Our Technicians

Field technicians go through the Guardsman professional training program where they are given an extensive, hands-on education in the repair of wood, leather, and fabric furniture as well as the structural/mechanical elements that lie beneath. 


Through our team of technical advisors, we develop a unique relationship with each technician by mentoring them and offering phone support, if needed, during each on-site visit.


In the end, we only retain technicians whose work is continuously proven successful in the field.


We teach skills using the types of damage that are most frequently reported by our customers. We always seek ways to further our certifications and skill sets in the industry.

All technicians complete The Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician Certification. Which covers:

  • Upholstery fiber categories

  • Fiber identification and testing

  • Chemistry of cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning methods

  • Protections

Dan the Man

Dan’s father was a minister for 30 years. Unfortunately, he had to walk away from the church to care for his own father. To make ends meet, he started an automotive interior repair business.


During this time, Dan was an engineer working for the Department of Transportation. Concerned with how hard his father was working, Dan stepped up to help with repairing auto interiors. Dan ultimately convinced his father to invest in a furniture repair franchise. Both took some classes together and realized that they enjoyed working together in this new industry.


Eventually, Dan's brother and sister joined making this truly a family business. The three of them will take over the business, so their father can retire and finally enjoy some time off.  Dan really enjoys the joy he brings people from repairing furniture that holds memories to the families.


Today he provides service to over a dozen warranty companies and moving companies. He has branched into the claims industry regarding insurance claims and is beginning to launch the retail side of the business. He currently has 9 certified and fully trained technicians to help you with requests that you might have.

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